IoT Datalogger

The electronics shop has setup an Internet of Things network for data-logging applications within the Department of Chemistry. This network enables chemists to easily create light-weight data loggers out of any electronic sensor.

Our IoT network is built using open source software. The dataloggers communicate with the central server using MQTT, an open standard for IoT messaging. Data is logged using influxdb, and a graphical user interface is served using Grafana. Read more details at

Several sensor types have already been designed to work with this datalogger system.

Weather Station

MQTT-enabled weather station capable of recording temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. More information on GitHub.


MQTT-enabled thermocouple interface. More information on GitHub.

CO2 Sensor

MQTT-enabled CO2 sensor made for and used by the Bertram Group. More information on GitHub.

Dust Sensor

MQTT-enabled dust sensor made for and used by the Wright Group. More information on GitHub.