Photothermal 3D Printer


Chang-Uk Lee, Kyle C. H. Chin, and Andrew J. Boydston


Direct additive manufacturing (AM) of commercial silicones is an unmet need with high demand. We report a new technology, heating at a patterned photothermal interface (HAPPI), which achieves AM of commercial thermoset resins without any chemical modifications. HAPPI integrates desirable aspects of stereolithography with the thermally driven chemical modalities of commercial silicone formulations. In this way, HAPPI combines the geometric advantages of vat photopolymerization with the materials properties of, for example, injection molded silicones. We describe the realization of the new technology, HAPPI printing using a commercial Sylgard 184 polydimethylsiloxane resin, comparative analyses of material properties, and demonstration of HAPPI in targeted applications.

Shop Contributions

Blaise Thompson, Sebastian Thompson, and Steve Meyers worked to design, construct, and create software interfaces for this printer. Sebastian Thompson was the primary shop worker.

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