The Chemistry Appliance Shop regularly repairs small appliances used in chemical synthesis, including:
hotplates, stirplates, shakers, laboratory ovens, rotovaps, UV lamps, sonicators, balances, chillers and many more.

If you have a question about a repair, please stop by or send an email to

To submit a small appliance for repair:

1. Pick up an “OK to move / Repair” label from the sub-basement hallway.
2. Clean the appliance using appropriate methods, as described by the “OK to move / Repair”
3. Attach the “OK to move / Repair” label to your appliance.
4. Transport the item from your laboratory to the sub-basement, leaving it in the hallway.
Place it on the pink shelves if it fits, otherwise you may leave it on the floor or on a cart.
If the appliance is too large to be moved, contact Shop staff for assistance.
5. Send an email to Amber Bartz (, letting her know that the appliance is in
the hallway in need of repair. Share any details about how the appliance has malfunctioned.
6. Shop staff will contact you.

View full Instrument Shop Repair Policy.


Chemistry Building
1101 University Ave.
Room B370
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