Versatile Open-Source Photoreactor Architecture for Photocatalysis Across the Visible Spectrum

WPP featured image


Philip P. Lampkin, Blaise J. Thompson, and Samuel H. Gellman


Adoption of commercial photoreactors as standards for photocatalysis research could be limited by high cost. We report the development of the Wisconsin Photoreactor Platform (WPP), an open-source photoreactor architecture potentially suitable for general adoption. The WPP integrates inexpensive commercial components and common high-intensity LEDs in a 3D-printed enclosure. Dimensions and features of WPP reactors can be readily varied and configurations easily reproduced. WPP performance is evaluated using literature transformations driven by light of disparate wavelengths.

WPP diagram

Shop Contributions

Blaise Thompson designed the electrical components of the WPP, including the “analog” and “digital” drive circuit. Blaise worked with Philip on the design of the entire reactor, including documentation and open sourcing. Sebastian Thompson was instrumental in the construction of WPP prototypes.

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