Wisconsin FireWagon

For over 100 years, the tradition of service at the University of Wisconsin has been embodied in a concept known as the Wisconsin Idea. This idea is based on the principle that the knowledge and resources of the university should be available to everyone in the state of Wisconsin and beyond. The University’s promotion and support of this philosophy allows Tracy the chance to take the Chemistry department glass shop research and craft out to the public. To effectively do this required a self-contained portable glassblowing station. Funding was applied for and was provided by the Institute of Chemical Education (ICE).

The FireWagon allows Tracy to demonstrate flameworking and talk about glass, glass science, and uses for glass in chemical research. He also incorporates aspects of art glass techniques. To date he had done presentations for elementary, middle school, high school and university groups, as well as the Wisconsin State Fair.

For those of you wanting to build a glassblowing set-up in your home. This is a compact, efficient and portable consideration.

FireWagon Front

FireWagon Rear

FireWagon Internal

FireWagon Action

Master Glassblower Tracy Drier demonstrates using the Wisconsin FireWagon.