Shop Layout

The glass shop has been in located in room B-201 of the Chemistry building (Mathews wing) since 2012.

It is well outfitted to meet your research needs.

Explore this page to take a “virtual tour” of the Chemistry Glass Shop.

Main Working Island

The main working island is the heart of the Glass Shop.
Much of the general purpose work is done here.
Here, we see a view of the working island as seen from the customer service counter.

Glass Lathes

The Chemistry Glass Shop is equipped with two specialty glass lathes.

Wet Workspace

This wet workspace contains a diamond saw and polishing station.

Annealing Ovens

Two large annealing ovens are used to "bake" glassware after it has been constructed or repaired.
The annealing process makes the glass stronger by relieving any internal pressure or strain that the manufacturing process introduces.